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Arnhem [NL] - Trolleybus Day and Proposal for Route 2 Extension

J. Lehmann - 16.09.13

Many visitors to the 4th Trolleybus Day took the opportunity to visit the trolleybus depot in Arnhem and enjoy the numerous attractions. The event ran from 11.00 to 15.00. On the right side of the trolleybus parking hall there were a row of market stalls, on which clubs and manufacturers exhibited. There was a stall from the Solingen trolleybus museum, the NTV, Ferry Bosman (author of the recent book on Arnhem anniversary), Connexxion and Breng and as well as some companies like Vossloh Kiepe and Elektroline (Kummler & Matter). On the other side of the hall was the SwissTrolley 5244, the full-size model of the Hess tram-style front, the museum vehicle 101 and a tower wagon. The Arnhem museum trolleybus 101 has not been able to operate since the beginning of 2013 because of damage to its resistors. Outside the hall, a large screen was set up, there people who were interested could sit in a driver seat and "drive" the bus. In the second hall there was a departure point for the two shuttle buses, Swisstrolleys 5241 and 5242, which were given destination signs saying "Shuttle Trolleybus Day". Next to it was Swisstrolley 5234, which was used to allow visitors to experience sitting in the driver's seat. In another hall, it was possible to look at the roof of a SwissTrolley - garage employees explained the electrical components there.
The concessionaire Breng (or Hermes) has proposed to the city council that route 2 from Hoogkamp to De Laar should be extended to Centrum Kronenburg using the existing overhead on John Frost Bridge (this needs to be reconnected to the network) and then following trolleybus route 7 until shortly before the stop at Otis Reddingplein and then via De Laar Oost to the terminus of route 6 (De Laar West ) on Brabantweg. 2 km of overhead line through De Laar Oost would need to be erected. It is suggested to let route 2 then proceed along the current route 6, so that passengers can reach Elderveld without changing (as now happens with route 4). The existing bus route 4 could then be replaced up to the junction at Erasmussingel. The section of route 4 connecting Arnhem Zuid Station and the development area Schuytgraaf introduced at the last timetable change has so far not been well received, so this should be dropped completely.

The responsible councilor, Martijn Leisink, commented favourably on the proposal for the new trolleybus route. It remains for the Stads Regio to approve the proposal and reallocate the funds from the abortive extension of route 3. If this is the outcome, completion of the project would be possible by May 2014.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Swisstrolley 5241 acted as a feeder to the depot for the Trolleybus Day, seen here on the Willemsplein travelling towards the station.
Photographer : J. Lehmann

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