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Lublin [PL] - New Trolleybuses Presented

J. Lehmann - 16.09.13

On 27.08.2013 the MDT (Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego) in the presence of the Mayor of Lublin Krzysztof Żuk signed an agreement with Solaris Bus & Coach SA for the supply of 12 new low-floor articulated trolleybuses with battery auxiliary drive. This should enable a 5-km drive away from the overhead. The 18 meter long Trollino18 trolleybuses will include air conditioning, CCTV and displays in the passenger compartment showing the route and giving automatic stop announcements. These features have also been available on the 100 ZTM buses and 20 Solaris trolleybuses previously ordered. The Solaris/Skoda trolleybuses acquired in 2010/2011 are also equipped with the information system, but they have not been supplied with air conditioning in the passenger compartment. The delivery of the first six articulated trolleybuses is expected at the end of April 2014, while the remaining six will follow at the end of September 2014.

At the same time the two new series of trolleybuses were introduced, which will be delivered in the coming months. The first eight of twenty Solaris trolleybuses are equipped with an internal combustion engine, which allows unlimited travel in wireless operation. As mentioned these 12 meterlong, low-floor trolley buses also have air conditioning, CCTV and passenger information system. After type approval, trials were carried out with the trolleybuses on 09.09.2013, to determine the consumption of auxiliary drives. The remaining 12 vehicles in this series will be delivered in December 2013. This batch will receive fleet numbers 3874-3893.

The URSUS trolleybus is also in the approval phase; the first was also officially presented on 27/08/2013 at the depot. The URSUS trolleybus is of type T70116 with bodywork from BOGDAN from Ukraine and with electric equipment from Cegelec. URSUS currently builds tractors for agriculture, but in the 1930s also produced and supplied buses to Lublin. These trolleybuses have batteries as standby drive. The production of the 38 trolleybuses will take place in the URSUS plant in Lublin.
With the delivery of the new vehicles this year the last high-floor trolleybuses will be replaced, namely 17 Jelcz PR110 and five Jelcz 120MT (plus also the first Jelcz 121E Nr.3818 from 2001), so that the fleet will then consist entirely of low-floor trolleybuses.
Translation: Martin Wright
Photo: The two new trolleybuses are presented in the depot, left the Solaris trolleybus 12M Nr.3874, left the first Ursus T70116, very white and still without a running number. Behind are no 730 a ZiU-682UP, MAZ-203T Nr.3840 and MPK/Jelcz Lublin II No.3841.
Photographer : Wojciech Turżański.