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Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico) [MX] - First Low-Floor Trolleybus Presented

K. Budach - 09.09.13

The large trolleybus fleet in the Mexican capital requires fundamental renewal. The most recent vehicles are already 15 years old and the average age of the fleet is over 20 years. None of the existing trolleybuses is low-floor.
After almost two years of development and preparation work, the Mexican producer DINA presented a trolley version of its low-floor articulated bus, which is already established on the market. The electrical equipment is supplied by Vossloh Kiepe. The trolleybus is 12m long, has continuous low floor and has a passenger capacity of 100. In early June, the vehicle was presented at the STE depot grounds in Tetepilco while at the end of June it was also shown at the Mexican commercial vehicle show. The bus is being tested in service and if successful will be purchased in large numbers.
The age of the fleet is responsible for the present situation in which only 8 of the trolley alignments are actually operated by trolleybuses. These are routes A, CP, D, G, I, K, LL and S. Although routes I, M, Q and T are currently out of service they will come back into operation over the next months, as has route I, which has again been operated electrically since 1st July 2013. For this purpose, 22 trolleybuses from the series 4300ff (from TOSHIBA, 1984) were renovated.
Routes A, D and S are called "express buses" operated and marketed under the BRT concept. On these routes the two younger trolleybus series 9700ff and 9800ff (from MITSUBISHI, Bj.1997/98, 189 units) are used. These have all been modernized and sport a striking green livery. The nominal fleet size in Mexico City is about 290 vehicles, the majority of them have undergone a refurbishment program.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: The new DINA prototype trolleybus

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