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Avellino [IT] - Resumption of Work

J. Lehmann - 26.08.13

In June 2013, the work on the overhead resumed. In March 2013, the city approved the contracts for the revised route alignment through the city centre. Going north the new routeing leads along Via Cristoforo Colombo and Circumvallazione to the end of Via Umberto Nobile. Going back to the station it runs along Via Roma, Corso Europa and Corso Umberto I, to Via Francesco Tedesco, which leads to the station. On the approximately two-kilometer stretch of Via Francesco Tedesco the masts for the overhead line have already been erected. The un-wired section has now been reduced to 1.3 km from the Villa Comunale to Piazza Castello. This was a requirement of the Department of Transportation, which financially supports the "Metropolitana leggera" project. The one way trolleybus routeing through the town centre will now have overhead wiring supported by masts with bracket arms. Equally on the approximately 2 km to the railway station, the overhead is supported by masts and brackets on one side of the road.
In 2006 the trolleybus project was costed at nearly 25 million Euro. 60% was funded by the Ministry of Transport, the remaining 40% are from regional funds ( EUR 9.81 million) and municipal resources (€ 73,700). Work began in February 2009, but was interrupted by disagreements concerning the route alignment in the central area, the original intended route on Viale Italia will be converted to a pedestrian zone.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Since 2009 the eleven VanHool / Vossloh Kiepe trolleybuses have been waiting for their debut in Italy, here on the premises of VanHool on 23/06/2010.
Photographer : Thomas Dorow

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