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Pardubice [CZ] - Passenger Increase and New Trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 12.08.13

In January, the Director reported that the number of passengers had increased: 27.1 million passenger journeys, about eight hundred thousand more than the previous year. He announced that four new trolleybuses would be delivered this year, while four trolleybuses had already been purchased in 2012 in addition to 20 new natural gas buses. The fleet consists of 73 buses and 55 trolleybuses.

The four new trolley buses were delivered in June 2013. They were ordered under the framework agreement with Škoda for the years 2011-2014, which was concluded in December 2010. The last four 12m trolleybuses are planned for the coming year.

The four new vehicles cost over 46 million kronor (equivalent to about 1.75 million euros), though European funding will cover 40 percent of the purchase price. The four new trolley buses have a length of 12 meters and can accommodate 34 seated and 68 standing passengers. An asynchronous traction motor with an output of 160 kW drives the rear axle.

Like the six-wheeler and the first two Škoda 26tr delivered in 2012, the four trolleybuses were also given names of race horses which had won the "Grand Pardubice" (Pardubice Steeplechase) horse race, namely 325 "Herero", 326 "All Right II", 327 "Forum" and 328 "Vogler".
After the delivery of the new trolleybuses, Škoda 14Tr nos. 349, 372, 373 and 374 were withdrawn. By June 2013 all four had gone to Odessa in the Ukraine, where they are already in operation with the numbers 4005-4008. The number of low-floor trolleybuses has thus increased to 37 units, and the remaining 18 Škoda 14Tr comprise 8 reconditioned vehicles from 1991 (No. 340-343, 345-348) and ten units from 1997-99 (No. 375-384).
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: The fourth new Škoda 26Tr from this year's delivery to Pardubice in service on route 3 at the Globus turning circle.
Photographer : Ladislav Cihlo, 7.7.13

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