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Lausanne [CH] - Delivery of 22 SwissTrolleys

J. Lehmann - 02.09.13

Before the summer holidays route 7 was divided in two with the introduction of a new timetable. From 03.06.2013 route 7 has run from Val-Vert with a circular routeing via St-François, Bel-Air, Riponne-M. Béjart, Tunnel, Place du Nord and back to Val-Vert. The route runs all day every 7 ½ minutes. The section from St-François to Renens now operates as route 17. Until now this ran every 20 minutes but now operates every 7 ½ minutes during the day and every 5 minutes in the peaks. The holiday schedule from 08.07 to 23.08.2013 and from 14.10. to 25.10.2013 provides for a full-time 7 ½-minute frequency. Every second vehicle terminates at Renens. The starting point of the route is in Georgette. In 2018 route 17 will be served by a new light rail line.

Delivery of 22 Swisstrolleys 871-892 starts from mid-September 2013. Hess plans to deliver the last vehicle in mid-December 2013 to Lausanne. As a result, the number of two-axle trolleybuses has been reduced. From the beginning of the year trolleybuses 732, 733, 741 and 742 were withdrawn, and nos.739 and 743 have been retired. 49 units are still in service (721, 722, 744-792 except for 767 and 765). The two oldest trolleybuses, 721 and 722, serve as driving school buses, but they are now more commonly found in service with trailers. After delivery of the Swisstrolleys, route 4 and route 25, which is still partially operated by two-axle trolleybuses, will be operated by four articulated trolleybuses. Furthermore, the trolleybus and trailer units on routes 1, 2 and 21 will be replaced by the Swisstrolleys.
The first of the 120 MAN Lion's City GL articulated diesel buses ordered for delivery by 2017 entered service in middle of the year. The diesel buses with the latest Euro-6 engine generation will replace the Van Hool and Solaris articulated diesel buses built between 2001 to 2005, and the two-axle vehicles the Van Hool gas buses.
Translation: Martin Wright

On 21.09.2009 the section from Tunnels to Place du Nord was still regularly served by trolleybus routes 5 and 6. Route 5 was then replaced by the M2 metro line in December 2009. Since June 2013 trolleybuses on the shortened route 7 run here again, but no longer does trolleybus 732, which was donated in early 2013 to Retrobus.
Photographer : J. Lehmann

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