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Zurich [CH] - All 21 SwissTrolley4 Delivered

J. Lehmann - 18.11.13

The last of the 21 SwissTrolley4 on order was delivered by Hess to Zürich in September 2013. Acceptances were as follows: on 06.09.13 nos.179 and 180 and on 01.10.2013 nos. 181 and 182. Apart from no. 180, which currently is at the manufacturers to rectify some defects, all the trolleybuses are in regular service.
Both back-ordered double articulated trolleybuses are expected by the end of March 2014. Meanwhile diesel buses are often used on two runs on route 31.
In early November 2013 night tests were performed using double articulated vehicle no. 89 in order to investigate the suitability for use on routes 69 and 80. These two routes are included in the draft trolleybus strategy prepared by the VBZ, which is awaiting cantonal approval.
Several of the 23 Mercedes-Benz O405GTZ trolleybuses have been withdrawn for spare parts and then scrapped. There are currently 10 high-floor trolley buses are in use: 106, 113, 115, 122, 124, 129, 131, 137, 140, 142. The total stock is temporarily 77 trolley buses, of which 29 are double articulated vehicles and 38 are Swisstrolleys (144-179, 181, 182).

For the new timetable from 15.12.2013 routes 33 and 72 will exchange their western termini (Triemli and Morgental). Both routes will then be served throughout the day at 7 ½-minute intervals. The schedule of the remaining trolleybus routes remains unchanged and currently 67 runs are required on the trolleybus routes.
Due to construction work at the central station the usual wired lane cannot be used and route 31 trolleybuses heading for Schlieren use a temporary by-pass on battery power. The poles are rewired by staff at the central station. Other construction projects have caused diversions in recent weeks. The newer double articulated trolleybuses have been used, as their silent battery power is good for emergency runs.
Summary translation: Martin Wright

Above: Trolleybus 172 re-poles after a diversion on battery power caused by an accident.
Below: Double articulated trolleybus 82 runs off wire after making a short detour behind the station. Photographer : J. Lehmann, 18/11/2013

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