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Esslingen [DE] - Tender for Two "Electric Hybrid Buses" Published

J. Lehmann - 06.01.14

On 09.12.2013 City Transport Esslingen (SVE) published a tender for two electric hybrid buses with high-performance energy storage with an option for two more buses, which would be ordered upon successful completion of the pilot project. The 18 m low-floor articulated buses will have three doors and have special features in the interior, appropriate to the innovative vehicle technology. Passenger flow will be entry through the front door only.
The tender calls for an electric supplier to be the general contractor, who should nominate its preferred bus manufacturer. The vehicles will operate on the existing overhead line system, while also being able to cover unwired sections of route in regular service. For this purpose they should be equipped with high-performance energy storage and a smart charging and energy management system. The tender provides for a two-axle drive with centrally placed AC traction motors. The electronics are to be housed in a waterproof container units in the roof area. For heating and air conditioning intelligent energy management in storage mode must be provided. The contract period is scheduled from 01.09.2014 to 30.9.2015,and bids are expected by February 2014.

After road construction and sewer renovation on Neckarstraße between Maillestraße and Kanalstraße, the contact line had to be dismantled so no trolleybuses ran during the summer holidays. Since the end of May 2013, trolleybuses have not operated on route 118, which is served by diesel buses because of the need to operate round a large terminal circuit without overhead. This will last until probably mid-September 2014. For route 101 Esslingen the overhead was changed at the station - since 22.07.13 trolleybuses run behind the former station building on the southern ring road and via the former route 118 loop to Berlinerstraße, see the SVE Information Sheet. Trolleybuses only resumed service with the start of school year from 09.09.2013 with at least the five runs for base service. The unwired section along Neckarstraße between Maillestraße and Kanalstraße was traversed in the first week using auxiliary drive. Rewiring pans were installed at the stops swimming pool (outbound) and the Busboulevard (Pliensauturm, inbound) to speed up rewiring. On-wire running only began from the 12.9.2013 towards the city centre and on the next day in the opposite direction.
The new Central Bus Station (ZOB) is scheduled to open in late September/early October, 2014 so the timetable 2014/2015 is being brought forward to this date. At the same time a new public transport concept is expected to be launched.

Translation: Martin Wright

In March 2013 road works were not yet affecting the intersection Maille-/Neckarstraße. Here trolleybus 212 is in use on route 101. Photographer : J. Lehmann

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