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Budapest [HU] - 108 New Trolleybuses over the Next Five Years

J. Lehmann - 22.07.13

On 14.6.2013, BKK (Budapesti Közlekedési Kozpont Zrt, the Budapest Transport Agency), which was founded in 2010 for the management and financing of the Budapest Transport Authority, published a tender for 24 trolley buses with an option for 84 more in the next five years. 62.4 million Euros is available as co-financing by the European Union under the "Budapest tram and trolleybus Járműfejlesztés phase I" project.

The first new vehicles are to be 14 standard vehicles with a maximum length of 12.75 m with a capacity of 62 passengers at four per m2 and 10 articulated vehicles with a maximum length of 18.75 m and a capacity of 100 people at four per m2. The vehicles will be equipped with an auxiliary drive, which will enable travel of 4km without overhead . The invitation includes a supply of spare parts and the care and training of the workshop after delivery. Offers are expected by 02.08.2013.

Translation: Martin Wright

After the withdrawal of the ZiU 682s, the Ikarus articulated trolleybuses from 1987-89 make up a large part of the fleet with 84 units. Some are seen here on 28.03.2007 at the last stop before the Puskas Ferenc Stadium. Photographer : J. Lehmann.

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