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Cagliari [IT] - Tender for 12 New Trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 02.12.13

On 11.06.2013 the CTM SpA (Consorzio Trasporti e Mobilità) published a tender in the Official Journal of the European Union for 12 two-axle trolleybuses with an option for two more.
Acquisition of the 12 trolleybuses is via a low-interest loan under the project "Strengthening Sustainable Mobility" of the POR FESR 2007-2013 FSU JESSICA (Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas) in the amount of € 7.2 million. Following decisions of the Ministry of the Environment an amount of €956 299.19 is available for the purchase of two additional trolleybuses. All additional costs are to be covered by funds from the CTM.
At the end of 2012 there were 30 trolleybuses available for the three trolleybus routes. In addition to the 16 new Solaris/Skoda vehicles, which went into operation in 2011, a batch of Iveco/SOCIMI trolleybuses built in 1991 (Nos.636-651) are in service. 14 units from this group remain, after no.649 was scrapped in 2007 and no.648 was withdrawn after a collision on 13.09.2012. 196 buses are available for the 26 bus routes, a large number are the Citaro model, supplied by Mercedes-Benz in 2010.

Translation: Martin Wright

The 20 year old IVECO/SOCIMI trolley buses are to be replaced by the 12 or 14 new vehicles. Here in service on route 30 is no.640, which received a white/orange paint scheme several years ago. Photographer : J. Lehmann, 31.03.2013

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