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Arnhem [NL] - All SwissTrolley4 in Use

J. Lehmann - 15.07.13

On 28.06.2013 the first five new SwissTrolleys completed their first day in service. After delivery of the first five in May 2013, five more followed in June 2013 and the eleventh reached Arnhem on 05.07.2013. The remaining six vehicles (5248-5253) followed by 11:07:13. The new trolleybuses have been well received by passengers: the new trolleybus is very quiet, while good interior lighting and air conditioning have been particularly praised. Also, the new auxiliary engine works well, as it provides ample power and makes relatively little noise. The 50kW unit made by Kirsch is driven by Euro5 2 liter TDI diesel engine from VW. A single-axle drive through the third axle using a 240 kW electric motor made by TSA, enabled a reduction in the curb weight of the trolleybus by about 900 kg.

The eleven new vehicles with the type designation HESS BGT N1D with the serial numbers 7859-001 to 011 are logged as follows:
Bus No.. Chassis number___. Registration
5243 TH922EL33D4512047 07-BBX-3
5244 TH922EL33D4512048 08-BBX-3
5245 TH922EL33D4512049 09-BBX-3
5246 TH922EL33D4512050 11-BBX-3
5247 TH922EL33D4512051 12-BBX-3
5248 TH922EL33D4512052 13-BBX-3
5249 TH922EL33D4512053 16-BBX-3
5250 TH922EL33D4512054 19-BBX-5
5251 TH922EL33D4512055 18-BBX-5
5252 TH922EL33D4512056 17-BBX-5
5253 TH922EL33D4512057 16-BBX-5

The new trolleybus livery, a contrasting white with light blue paint scheme, was also applied to the SwissTrolleys dating from 2009. After 5237 was first treated at the end of May, 5235, 5240, 5242 and 5234 were repainted in the bright new livery in June , followed by 5236, 5239, 5241 in July 5238.
With the introduction of the new vehicles from 28.06.2013, ten trolleybuses dating from 1998 were withdrawn from service: VanHool/Kiepe (nos. 5202-5209) and Berkhof/Traxis (5210-11). Gradually, the trolleybuses were taken away from Arnhem, the last trolleybus to be withdrawn from service was VanHool 5202 on 04.07.2013. The cars were removed to a shed in Lelystad, approximately 50 km east of Amsterdam near the IJsselmeer. The sale will be conducted by Connexxion, which is currently negotiating with two prospective buyers. (Contact details available from the author)
Translation: Martin Wright

The new SwissTrolley4 no. 5250 is on route 1 to Velp and stands in front of the construction site for the new trolleybus terminal on 09/07/2013.
Below: On 28.06.2013 VanHool trolleybuses 5208 and 5209 were towed to Lelystad. A day before nos. 5206 and 5207 left their hometown. Here no 5209 is being towed across Velperplein. Photographer : Martin Schmelter

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