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trolley:planung - Further Step Forward

K. Budach - 05.08.13

A further step has been achieved towards realisation of the trolleybus BRT project in Leeds. The City Council voted in early July with 68 votes to 19 for the formal recognition of the project in the context of a subsequent "Transport and Works Act Order" by the Department of Transport.

The 14 km long route is being marketed as the NGT "New Generation Transport Scheme" and, because of its high proportion of reserved alignment, is intended to offer a fast, environmentally friendly and cost effective transport connection in comparison with other modes of transport, in particular rail-based systems. The planning options include a variant with the use of double articulated trolleybuses.
The council chairman, Keith Wakefield, is quoted as saying, "Let's get on with it, show vision to tackle congestion and road safety and do something we are all desperate to do and Improve our economic performance. "
Should everything proceed as planned, the route could start operation in 2018 and make an impact in the city of Leeds, while at the same time make the trolleybus popular again in the UK as a modern, new means of transport.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: How it will look, the new trolleybus in Leeds, on its reserved alignment.
Image: The Electric TBus Group / Ashley Bruce /

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