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Riga [LV] - Contract for 125 Trolleybuses

K. Budach - 15.07.13

Satiksme, the transport operator in Riga, has awarded the contract for delivery of 125 articulated trolleybuses to Škoda Electric of Plzen in the Czech Republic.The order is for model 27TR trolleybuses. Solaris is providing the underframes and bodies. An option for delivery of another 38 vehicles has been agreed. The contract value is 131.8 million Euros provided on credit by the supplier with a term of 8 years.
The contract will ensure that all vehicles over 10 years old in the present fleet of 267 trolleybuses (including 95 articulated vehicles) will be replaced and the overall fleet size will be increased to about 340 vehicles.
Riga’s 19 trolleybus routes carry about 45 million passengers annually. The most heavily used route is No. 15, while No. 20 is the least busy.
Since 1.4.2013 a second route has been prolonged using an auxiliary engine. Up to 14 times a day, route 3 runs beyond its last stop at Sarkandaugava towards Kundziņsala and replaces bus route 33. Since the 01.09.2009 trolleybus route 8 (renumbered 27 from 1.10.09) and route 9 have run to the railway station forecourt without availabilitry of overhead.

Translation: Martin Wright

Between 2001 and 2007, Riga received 52 Solaris T18 trolleybuses, which are used on route 15, here is trolleybus 26575 on 02.08.2010. Photographer : Bohdan Turżański

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