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Urgentsch [UZ] - First Skoda Electric 24Tr Being Delivered

K. Budach - 24.06.13

The only remaining trolleybus system in Uzbekistan can be found in the provincial city of Urgench in the form of a 36 km long overland route to Khiva. For several years, only nine Skoda 14Tr trolleybuses have been available for use on this route. They are now definitely approaching the end of their useful lives and are therefore being replaced by new vehicles.
Nine Skoda Electric 24 Tr / Irisbus-Iveco Citelis have been ordered, the first of them undertook test runs in June 2013 on the Plzeň transport network. Delivery of all nine vehicles will be made in the next few months.

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Test runs on 06/24/2013 with the first Skoda Electric / Tr Irisbus-Iveco 24/12 Citelis on trolleybus route 12 in Plzen, which passes directly by the Skoda HQ.

Photographer: Dagmar Braunová (

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