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Sao Paulo (EMTU) [BR] - Articulated Vehicles Delivered, Further Orders Undecided

K. Budach - 23.12.13

By October 2013, the 20 "Millenium BRT"-style Mercedes-Benz/CAIO/WEG articulated trolleybuses on order had been delivered and put into service with fleet numbers 8161-8180. Despite the delivery of these part-low-floor articulated vehicles, the fleet is still not large enough to equip all runs on the 11 km extension of BRT route with trolleybuses. Therefore, the acquisition of further articulated vehicles is being planned.
However consideration is also being given to the future use on certain sections of route of fully battery-powered articulated buses. For testing purposes, therefore, the one-off "Millenium III" type articulated trolleybus No. 8160 (Mercedes-Benz/CAIO/WEG), which was delivered in 2012, has been converted into a battery bus. It is being tested between November 2013 and approximately June 2014 on the EMTU network. The operating company Metra will then decide on the future procurement policy.
After delivery of the latest articulated trolley buses, the fleet has been reduced by several withdrawals from service from the series No. 7069-7092. These vehicles were bought in 2006 by Metra from Himalia, operators of the SP Trans urban trolleybus network. They had the following fleet numbers there: 7763, 7783, 7769, 7787, 7713, 7770, 7771, 7738, 7773, 7722, 7726, 7745, 7744, 7772, 7719 , 7784, 7786, 7780, 7785, 7767, 7761, 7729, 7712 and 7708 (in this order). These trolleybuses belong to type Tutti / Scania / Marco Polo / Powertronics and were built in 1996/97, using old components.

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: One of the latest type "Millenium BRT" articulated trolleybuses (Mercedes-Benz/CAIO/WEG). Photographer : Samuel Tuzi

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