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Mendoza [AR] - In Service, More Orders Expected

K. Budach - 22.07.13

On 21.04.2013 there was an official press run of the first new low-floor trolleybus in Argentina. The vehicle was tested extensively and on 7.6.2013 eventually began passenger service on the six regular trolleybus routes. In the first 15 days of operation, the new trolleybus served as an additional run on one of the routes (changing daily) and could be used free of charge. Since then it has been in normal service.

There are plans for an initial order for another 14 vehicles for delivery within a year of signing the contract. Within four years 54 cars would replace all the existing Canadian vehicles. The Argentine manufacturer Materfer intends to construct an assembly plant for tractors and bus bodies in the province of Mendoza soon.
The first order ever for low-floor trolleybuses for an Argentine trolleybus system is being made possible by the special commitment of Governor Dr. Francisco Pérez and Transport Secretary Dr. Diego Palau Martínez of Mendoza Province. Passengers will thus be offered a whole new level of comfort while there is also a clear signal of the intention to strengthen the eco-friendly, electric transport.

Translation: Martin Wright

Top: The first new low-floor trolleybus is still on a low loader at the presentation during the annual wine festival.
Below: In regular service on 11.06.2013 on the autumnal streets of Mendoza, as an additional run for free use. Photographer : Jorge L. Guevara