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Sao Paulo (SPT) [BR] - Renewal of Fleet Nearly Complete

K. Budach - 02.09.13

The Ibrava two-axle trolleybus no.1901, which was one of the prototypes for the renewal and conversion of the fleet to low-floor vehicles, has received completely new electrical equipment (excluding motor) and has been painted in the colours of the current operator . As with all the other vehicles, it carries the logo "ECO Frota" ("eco-fleet"), under which the eco-friendly electric system is being marketed.
Deliveries of the 100 three-axle type Caio Millenium BRT/Scania /WEG/Eletra trolleybuses will be completed by October 2013, by when the fleet will comprise the following vehicles:
1 Busscar / OFF, No. 4 1500
100 Caio Millenium BRT/Scania /WEG/Eletra three-axle, Nos. 1501-1600
10 Busscar/WEG, nos. 4 1764-4 1773
1 Caio Millennium III / Mercedes Benz O500U/Eletra, No. 4 1774
1 Caio Millennium III / Scania K27015m three-axle/ Eletra, No. 4 1775
62 Caio Millennium III / Mercedes Benz O500U/Eletra, no . 4 1776-4 1837
1 Ibrava / Tuttotrasporti / Iluminati, No. 4 1901
16 Caio Millennium III / Mercedes Benz O500U/Eletra, No. 4 1902-4 1917
Also under construction are 10 MAN trolleybuses, but these are two-axles vehicles and not three-axle vehicles, as previously reported. The bodies are almost complete, and the electrical equipment is awaited. Delivery is expected to be completed by early 2014. After delivery of the 10 MAN trolleybuses, the fleet will consist of 202 low-floor vehicles.
The last six high-floor Marcopolo trolleybuses will be withdrawn in the first half of September.
Translation: Martin Wright
top photo: The totally renovated Ibrava prototype No. 4, 1901.
Bottom photo: fleet line-up at the depot with representatives of all types used in the future, from left numbers 1769, 1901, 1798, 1775, 1548 and 1597.
Photographer : Samuel Tuzi