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Sao Paulo (SPT) [BR] - Delivery of Trolleybuses on MAN Chassis

K. Budach - 09.12.13

The delivery of the order for 10 two-axle CAIO Millenium BRT trolleybuses on a MAN chassis has suffered delays because rectification to the framework and substructure has been required. CAIO has meanwhile shipped its first vehicle but the type approval for passenger is still required. These trolleybuses will enter the fleet as numbers 1601-1610.
The outward design is the same as the series of 100 three-axle type Millenium BRT trolleybuses on Scania chassis, which have now been completely delivered. Of these, trolleybus 1510 is currently being equipped with left-side doors as an experiment, as there are plans to establish BRT sections on reserved alignment with central platforms.
No. 1591 has completely burned out and will not be rebuilt, the stock of the series is thus only 99 vehicles.
Translation: Martin Wright
Photo: Just delivered two-axle MAN / CAIO no. 1609 in the depot.
Photographer: Samuel Tuzi

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