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Modena [IT] - Electric Again Now in the Summer Timetable

J. Lehmann - 10.06.13

After a gap of over a year, trolleybus service resumed on 20.05.2013. On that Monday, trolleybus service started again on route 6. A week later the articulated trolleybuses returned to route 7 and on the following Monday, 03.06.2013, to route 11. All three trolleybus routes are now operating electrically again.

Routes 7 and 11 are served at 10- to 12-minute intervals, each with seven runs, while route 6 operates until 14.00 at 12-minute intervals with five runs. 19 trolleybuses are thus required for the three trolleybus routes. The fleet consists of 26 units following the withdrawal of no. 20 from the batch of Fiat2470.12/Socimi/Albiero of trolleybuses built in 1986-87. It has joined nos. 11 and 15 as a source of spare parts and thus the number of active vehicles in this series has been reduced to eleven units.

Since the beginning of the week the summer timetable has been in force. This provides an all-day 20-minute service on trolleybus routes 6 and 11, which at other times only applies after 14.00. Route 7 now runs every 15 minutes. This reduced schedule runs from 10.06.-15.09.2013, except for the period from 5.8 to 31.08.2013. In this core holiday season the service on routes 6 and 11 is only every 30 minutes, as applies on Sundays at other times.
During the break in trolleybus service, the final stop on route 7 at Gottardi was upgraded. It received a canopy to facilitate the interchange of passengers switching to/from route 9.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: The youngest member of the trolleybus fleet is NEOMAN / Vossloh Kiepe No.05, which has been in service since 2009. Here it pauses at the last stop, Santi, which is only served from Monday to Friday. At weekends, the route ends at the bus station Autostazione.
Photographer : Wim van der Plaats, 6.6.2011