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Sao Paulo (EMTU) [BR] - First New Articulated Trolleybus Enters Service

K. Budach - 10.06.13

At the end of April CAIO delivered the first of the new "BRT design" articulated trolleybuses to Metra, the operator of the EMTU suburban trolley bus network in the south of São Paulo. The vehicle has been in service since 25 May 2013 with the fleet number 8161. It differs from 8160, also produced by the same manufacturer (CAIO / Mercedes-Benz / Eletra) , which has been in service since last year, primarily in regards of a changed front design. In addition, the wheel arches both rear axles are partially covered.

Both types of vehicle, "Millennium III" and "Millenium BRT", are partially low-floor. There are steps in the rear section, where there are two of the four entrances. We presented the prototype vehicle 8160 in our report dated 18.02.2013 .

All of the 20 articulated trolleybuses 8161-8180 should be delivered to Metra by September / October 2013. By mid-June 10 vehicles had already arrived and they are rapidly entering service. Despite this procurement, however, there will initially be no withdrawals of older vehicles. In the near future, however, there will be an order for two-or three-axle trolleybuses to replace 7069-7092 (Tutti / Scania / Marco Polo / Powertronics built in 1996/97 using old electrical components). These were taken over in 2006 from the city transport company SP Trans. Overall, the vehicle fleet is to be augmented by the procurement program, as, owing to a lack of operational trolleybuses, there is still a lot of diesel substitutions on the extension of the BRT route from Diadema to Jabaquara, which opened last year.

Translation: Martin Wright

Above: The first new articulated trolleybus in the so-called BRT Design, 8161, running on line 288.
Below : rear view of the newly delivered 8165 in the depot yard.
Photographer: Samuel Tuzi