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K. Budach - 24.06.13

From September the new depot in Rouf will be used as the base for routes 16, 17 and 20 from the Piraeus sector of the network and for route 21 which passes by. At the same time, the small depot in Piraeus will be closed and the city centre depot at Attiki Square in Athens will only be used as a workshop and for parking reserve vehicles. Three reserve places will therefore remain active. The depot at Rouf has been ready since 2011, but has so far only been used for parking diesel buses and several t Neoplan trolleybuses from the first series dating from 1999, which were emporarilyout of service.

In September the new connections to Piraeus (see announcement dated 17 December 2012) will go into operation. No decision has yet been taken on the precise routeing and route numbers.

Changes have been made to the existing network: from 7 May 2013 the two circular routes 7 and 8 have only operated Monday-Friday. Overlaps with other routes, partly also diesel bus routes, led to this decision. In any event, for a long time these routes have only operated at a 20 minute frequency so that they were the most lightly used routes on the system.

Translation: Martin Wright

Number 8009, a Neoplan / Elbo / Vossloh Kiepe N6216, built in 2004, in service on route 7, which now runs only on Monday-Friday as a supplementary line. Photographer: Dirk Budach