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Hangzhou [CN] - Route 155 Reopened with 40 New Youngman Trolleybuses

K. Budach - 14.10.13

On Friday, 10.05.2013 new trolleybuses took over service on route 155, thus resuming trolleybus operation after seven years. The route opened on 28.09.1989 as route 55 but was renumbered in the 1990s to route 155. With the introduction of air-conditioned trolley buses, the route number had a prefix of a letter K. In the destination display the number looked similar to the English word KISS. This word relationship is being marketed specifically and on future environment days like the 5th June (World Environment Day) trolleybuses will be specially decorated to remind people of their CO2 freedom as part of an environmental protection campaign.

Trolleybus route K 155 was closed on 07.08.2006 during the construction phase of the underground, which opened on 24.11.2012. At first three trolleybus routes were closed, but at the behest of the mayor, routes 159 and 290 were also closed as the overhead line was partially removed. Only route 151 remained, which first opened in 1961. It crosses the city in north-south direction and has remained unchanged since then.

Forty JNP6120BEV1 trolleybuses from Jinhua Young MAN Neoplan were procured for the resumed trolleybus route 155. The vehicles were given fleet numbers from 6-5800. The existing standard trolley buses from the series 6-5700 (OEM with Flxibl installation), and 6-5500 (remanufactured trolleybuses with Flxible-building) will continue on route 151. All trolleybuses are equipped with air conditioning.
Translation: Martin Wright

The new Young MAN trolleybus 6-5808 running on route 155, followed by an older standard trolleybus from yhe 6-5500 series, running on line 151. Photographer: Fwei Liu

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