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Burgas [BG] - Decision on 100 Trolleybuses - Six Bidders

J. Lehmann - 26.08.13

Six bidders responded to the tender, published on 08.02.2013, for 100 trolley buses for the four Bulgarian cities. These were Škoda Electric of the Czech Republic; SOR also from the Czech Republic; the Russian company VMZ; a consortium of the Polish firm Ursus and the Ukrainian company Bogdan; a Ukrainian consortium STG LAZ and a consortium of Russian and Bulgarian company TrolZa Company E-Transervis. Four bidders dropped out during the evaluation stage, while Škoda Electric and LAZ were shortlisted. In accordance with the EU prescribed rating procedures Skoda won the higher score.

However, LAZ appealed against this decision and at the end of July 2013 threatened to delay the procurement by at least 3 to 4 months, so that a delivery would only be possible the end of 2014. Now, however, there has been an out of court agreement, and a contract should be signed with Skoda soon, according to an article of 08.27.13 in the newspaper "Burgas today and tomorrow" Currently, at Burgasbus, there are 10 articulated trolleybuses built in 1975 (formerly Luzern, type Volvo B58/Hess) and five articulated trolleybuses built in 1975 (formerly Winterthur type Berna 4GTP) 12 vehicles are needed for the daily service on the two trolleybus routes.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: The 40-year old trolleybus 175 from Luzern is operating on 4:06:13 on route T1. One of the new Solaris diesel buses passes it towards the city center.
Photographer : Andrey Sergachyov

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