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Wien/Vienna [AT] - Electric Buses with Pantographs Now in Full Operation

K. Budach - 20.05.13

The pantograph-equipped type EL Alé electric bus was presented on 10 September 2012. It is supplied by the Italian manufacturer of special vehicles, Rampini, with Siemens electric drive. There are now 12 vehicles in use in Vienna. The service requirement during the rush hour is nine vehicles on the two short urban routes 2A and 3A. Both routes are served weekdays at 10-minute intervals, the journey takes 15 to 18 minutes. Both routes will be fully operated with this type of vehicle . Charging of the traction batteries to drive the induction motor with a rated output of 85kW (Max 150kW) occurs at the termini at Schwarzenberg Platz and in the Zelinkagasse by the Schottenring using a short stretch 600V double overhead wiring connected to and fed from the tram overhead. Rapid charging takes about 10 minutes at each terminus. Recharging also takes place overnight at the depot. The current is drawn via a pantograph, which consists of two , electrically-insulated current collector heads side by side. The electric buses have a capacity of 30 passengers (9 seated) and measure 7.72 x 2.20 m.
Translation: Martin Wright
Photo: Charging with the raised pantograph at Schwarzenberg Platz in Vienna . The pole separation in the two-part sliding contact of the pantograph is visible only upon close inspection. Source: Rampini

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