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Guangzhou [CN] - Extension of Route 107 and New Acquisitions

K. Budach - 12.08.13

The operation in Guangzhou (Canton ) is one of the most modern in the country and in recent years the fleet has been continuously modernized and brought up to date. Moreover there have also been various network extensions. From 30.3.2013 route 107 has been extended by nearly 4 km from the existing terminal at Dongshan to Hua-Cheng Guang-Chang in Tianhe district. Here in recent years, a new office and business centre for Guangzhou has arisen.

No new overhead wiring was built along the extension. Route 107 runs on the existing route from Dongshan to Yangji Metro using existing overhead, while the new section is covered in battery mode. Similarly, for quite some time route 113 has also had a overhead-free section.

A night trolleybus service has been be offered since Friday 13 July 2012. Route 78 operates from 10 3 a.m. largely along route 107 and then under existing overhead line to the Eastern Station.

Besides the night route 78, the trolleybus network in Guangzhou currently includes the routes 101-114. The significant expansions of the past 15 years are particularly apparent when one keeps in mind that in the mid nineties the system consisted of just six routes and the vehicle fleet was entirely composed of elderly articulated vehicles in need of renewal. (See report in "Stadtverkehr" No. 11/1994, p 44). In 1998 the network consisted of seven routes with 116 trolley buses were in service. In 2003, three new routes came into operation and since then this has grown to fourteen routes. Since the turn of the millennium the old fleet has been completely replaced by new vehicles, at the same time the fleet has been expanded to over 300 units. Different types are in use, but mainly low-floor standard trolleybuses are used today. After the presentation the new type Classic Star III from Guangzhou Yutong bus (see the website of Guangzhou Traction) over 100 units of this type have been bought.
A new tender included on the procurement of 51 additional low-floor two-axle trolleybuses. The tender was completed in June 2013, the winner was the manufacturer Guangzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. A purchase price of 40.2655 million yuan is quoted (according to the official exchange rate approximately EUR 4.9 million). Delivery will take place by the first half of next year 2014.

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Yutong No. D1-A216 in service on route 107, which is served only by these vehicles that can run on battery power.
Photographer Alexandr Zisser, 29.01.2012

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