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Gdynia [PL] - Fleet Increase

J. Lehmann - 07.10.13

According to an announcement in the Official Journal of the European Union, Solaris Bus & Coach SA was awarded the contract to supply two more low-floor trolleybuses. These were delivered in September 2013. No.3049 was the first into service on 25.09.2013 on route 29. The second trolleybus was given fleet No. 3086 and operated for the first time on 4.10.2013 on route 28.
The second conversion from a Solaris diesel bus was no.3043 which went into service in October. A third vehicle is being rebuilt at the moment. It is a diesel bus dating from 2001 and most recently served as no.4063 with Veolia Polska Torune. Thus with the two Citaro conversions, ENIKA from Łódź has fitted five vehicles with electric equipment, as provided for in a tender in 2011.
There was a serious accident on 25.04.2013 , in which a tractor carrying water rammed trolleybus 3012 and two cars, killing two people and injuring eleven. The four year old trolleybus suffered significant damage, which is now being repaired at Solaris.
Historic trolleybuses continue to run every Sunday using route number 326. The last operating day in 2013 is on 31.10.2013. The service will start again on 1 May 2014. The historical route runs every 40-60 min from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Vehicles used are a Saurer ST4IILM of 1957 acquired from St. Gallen, the Škoda 9Tr from 1975 or the 1994 Jelcz 120MTE.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: The Solaris/Medcom trolleybuses 3049 and 3086 on their respective first operating day.
Photographer : Karol Grzonka

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