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trolley:planung - Project Makes Progress

K. Budach - 24.06.13

The project to build a trolleybus system in the city of Spokane, located in Washington State in the north west of the United States, is make slow but steady progress. It is being presented to the general public as the Central City Project. A delegation from Spokane has looked at alternative vehicles including possibilities from Europe. A modern design is intended to mark the project this as a forward-looking investment.

Currently, about 1,600 people are transported on weekdays on several bus routes on the 4.5 km long section in the city centre, which it is planned to electrify. It is hoped to improve significantly on this by using a new modern transport system.

Vehicles with a passenger capacity of 50-90 passengers will in future operate at 12-15 minute intervals. They are expected to run on the core axis using overhead wires but be able to operate independently on the outer sections of route, preferably using battery power. The assumed infrastructure cost is $ 36 million less than a third of those for a rail connection on the same route.
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Translation: Martin Wright

Image: this could be the scene in the future, the modern city trolleybus in Spokane.
Source: Spokane Transit

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