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Lyon [FR] - Construction Progresses to Timetable: Further Extensions to BRT

K. Budach - 22.04.13

Building works for the extension of the heavily loaded route C13 (Caluire - Croix-Rousse - Cordeliers - Part Dieu - Grange Blanche) is progressing to timetable, and the opening is expected after the summer. Part of this route had previously been operated as trolleybus route 13 until 2011.
Attention is now being paid to further acceleration of the heaviest routes. Besides potential for improvement at traffic lights, there are plans for the creation of a continuous, two-lane reserved alignment on route C3 between Pont Lafayette and the transfer hubs at Laurent Bonnevay. A tender was published on 15.04.2013 and bids are due by 24.5.2013. Route C3 suffers in places from significant delays caused by queueing traffic. Bunching and irregular frequencies are the result. The medium term transport development plan provides for the creation of additional segregated alignments on other routes.

The little MAN / Hess trolleybuses from 1999 continue to operate on the steep and curvy upper town route S6. On weekdays during the rush hour 4 vehicles are used on an 8-minute frequency; on Sundays is a single vehicle is sufficient to serve the route on a 30-minute frequency.

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo above: Route C13 is currently still a diesel bus. It is followed here by a small Hess trolleybus for the upper town route S6.
Photo Below: Delays by traffic jams are commonplace on route C3.
Photographer: Dirk Budach