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Arnhem [NL] - First of Eleven SwissTrolleys Delivered

J. Lehmann - 03.06.13

The first of the eleven SwissTrolleys ordered by Arnhem reached the depot on the evening of 16.05.2013 and, by 30.05.2013, five SwissTrolleys had been delivered. That day the first vehicles were demonstrated for acceptance purposes. The new trolleybuses have received fleet numbers 5243-5247 following on from the nine SwissTrolleys delivered in 2009. Trolleybuses 5348-5253 will follow later this month.

At the time of the award of the ten-year concession to Breng, "Stadsregio" made a contractual commitment that all vehicles over 15 years old would be replaced by new vehicles. Thus, the ten trolleybuses built in 1998/99 (Nos.5202-5211) as well as the DUO bus 5201, which had already parked as defective at the beginning of the year, are to be replaced by new trolleybuses. In accordance with this policy even the 20 Berkhof trolleybuses built between 2001/2002 are due to be replaced, so the company has ordered another twenty SwissTrolleys from Hess for delivery in 2016 and 2017. The new SwissTrolleys have received a paint finish with light blue and a grey-white band below the windows and the brand "brengtrolley" on the front. The livery is similar to the MAN gas buses put into service at the end of 2012, but they have a larger blue surface. The remaining Swisstrolleys delivered in 2009 are also getting this livery. The first vehicle treated was 5237, which re-entered service on 29/05/13 in the new colour scheme.
The proposed extension of trolleybus route 3 from Het Duifje to Huissen, planned to go into operation in 2013, will now not be built. On 21.03.2013 a vote of the Council of the Municipality Lingewaard, which is part of Huissen, rejected the project by 15 No votes to 14 Yes votes. Previously, there had been a citizens' initiative that was particularly hostile to the routeing of the trolleybus route through the community. Now bus routes will continue to operate past the community on their way from Arnhem to Nijmegen.
The city of Arnhem is now striving to use the money provided by the Stadsregio for the extension of route 3 for the conversion of route 4 from Arnhem Centraal Station to Arnhem Station Zuid. This route, which has operated at 15-minute intervals since the timetable change, would require little new overhead (3.5 km would have to be built from new, with the remaining 8 km using existing overhead wiring, some of it disused). Alternatively, acceleration of the trolleybus route to Oosterbeek is being pursued, as its 18-minute journey time for 5.2 km is above average.
While the first of the remaining solo trolleybuses built in 1990 have found a new home in the Ukraine, the last two vehicles, 5177 and 5180, will be taken by the association "Stichting Veteraan Autobussen". One vehicle will serves as a source of spare parts, while the second will remain as a museum bus (most likely 5180). A hall at the Nieuwe Havenweg has been rented to accommodate the Arnhem Museum buses.

Translation: Martin Wright

Top: On 30.05.2013 the first SwissTrolley was on display for acceptance purposes in front of the bus shed. Trolleybuses 5244, 5246 and 5247 can be seen in the bus shed behind the first new vehicle.
Below: SwissTrolley 5237 also received the new paint scheme. It is seen here in service on 30.05.2013 on route 6, which, since the end of 2012 has run from Elsweide to De Laar West, while route 5 only links Presikhaaf to the development area Schuytgraaf. Previously all journeys were designated as route 5. Photographer: J. Lehmann