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Teplice [CZ] - New Trolleybuses Ordered from Skoda/SOR

J. Lehmann - 20.05.13

The new tender for three trolleybuses published on 11/01/2013 was narrowly won by the consortium of SOR/Skoda. In contrast to the deliveries in the past three years, Solaris lost. They supplied six standard vehicles and six 15-meter three-axle vehicles from 2009 to 2011. The three new Skoda 30TR vehicles are expected in autumn of this year.
In connection with the opening ceremony of the 859th bathing season in Teplice on 25 and 26.05.2013 Veolia Transport Teplice will increasingly use high-capacity vehicles. These are usually only used on Monday to Friday on routes 2, 5, 7 and 12. During this weekend they will also be used on routes 10 and 13. Even the last two high-floor Skoda 15Tr (No. 205, 211) will be used. One of these two and the last Skoda 14Tr built in 1991 (146, 148 and 149) are scheduled for withdrawal mid-year in anticipation of the new acquisitions . The city of Teplice, as owner, is trying to sell the vehicles.

Skoda 14Tr 154-164, built from 1995 and onwards, will continue to remain in the fleet. They only operate on working days. On Sundays, when only 10 runs are required on the trolleybus routes, only low-floor trolleybuses are used.

The museum vehicle 105, a Skoda 9Tr built in 1980, will again be used this year on the historic route 11. This year the first trip was on 4.5 and it will also operate on 25 and 26.5., 22.6., 13.7., 10.8., 31.8. and 28.09.2013.

Since 2002 the operation has been run by Veolia Transport Teplice Ltd. To mark their ten years, the company has produced a 100-page commemorative book illustrating the last ten years of public transport operations in Teplice and its surroundings. The book can be purchased at the information centre for 270 crowns.
Translation: Martin Wright
Photo: Skoda 14Tr no.149, which is over 20 years old, here in action on 26/03/2009 on route 9, is scheduled to be withdrawn this year.
Photographer : J. Lehmann

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