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Sao Paulo (SPT) [BR] - Option Exercised and Order Increased

K. Budach - 15.04.13

Positive news from the municipal trolleybus system in Sao Paulo. As reported several times, following the delivery of 78 two axle Mercedes-Benz O550U/Caio Millenium III trolleybuses, an order for three-axle CAIO Millenium GRT on Scania K270 chassis has been placed. Of these, 50 units were ordered firmly, with an option for another 50. The first 50 vehicles have now been completed and delivered and are undergoing commissioning. The option on the remaining 50 vehicles was exercised in early April. Surprisingly a further 10 three-axle trolleybuses were ordered, but this time on MAN chassis. While these ten trolleybuses will not have an auxiliary drive, the 50 additional Millenium trolleybuses will be equipped with an auxiliary drive, which has already proved itself on the first 50 trolleybuses, allowing journeys of up to seven miles without overhead . The electric traction equipment for all trolleybuses is supplied by the Brazilian company Electra, which has now produced the equipment for over 30 years. The motor comes from WEG (WEG Equipamentos El├ętricos SA), also a company from Brazil. The delivery of all the trolleybuses is expected by October 2013. In addition, an extensive modernization program for the renewal of the overhead network is underway.

Translation: Martin Wright

No. 4-1535, one of the imposing three-axle Scania / CAIO from the year 2012, running on route 408A/10. Photographer: Samuel Tuzi

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