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Zlin [CZ] - First New Articulated Trolleybuses Delivered

K. Budach - 06.05.13

At the end of March, the first of the Iveco/Skoda Electric 25Tr Citelis articulated trolleybuses was sent on a lowloader from Skoda Electric in Plzen to its future home in Zlin. It was expected to enter passenger service in April.

The trolleybus service Zlin-Otrokovice is being strengthened and modernised in the next few months with the delivery of 25 new vehicles:

6 standard trolleybuses 24Tr based on the Iveco Citelis
4 articulated trolleybuses 25Tr based on the Iveco Citelis
4 standard trolleybuses 26Tr based on the Solaris Urbino 12
11 articulated trolleybuses 27Tr based on the Solaris Urbino 18

The articulated trolleybuses are being delivered first. The first 25Tr arrived in Zlin at the end of March on a lowloader. The remainder will follow shortly as will delivery of the 27Trs. In comparison with the 25Trs delivered a few years ago, the new vehicles have some technical improvements such as a new on-board information system and door monitoring cameras. In addition 15 trolleybuses will have an air conditioning system.

Translation: Martin Wright

The first new Skoda/Iveco Citelis during its journey through the streets of Plzen.
Photographer : Zdnek Kresa
Info: Dagmar Braunová /

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