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Lausanne [CH] - Construction of 'Axes forts'

J. Lehmann - 29.04.13

In March 2013, construction began along Avenue Chailly on the first accelerated reserved lane trolleybus route ("Axes forts"), which will be served by trolleybus route 7 to Val Vert. In order not to restrict the traffic and residents' parking too much, the work is being carried out in small sections of 100m, starting at "Port des Chailly" stop. The first step is the renewal of the electric, gas, water and sewer lines. It is expected that the road surface including pavement and the partial bus lanes and stops will be restored by the summer. According to city information sources, construction will continue until October 2014. It only affects the area between the stops "Port des Chailly" and "Cloudette". Introduction of the first BHNS line is, however, not expected until 2018. It is planned to divide route 7: the future route 7 will run from Val Vert and make a loop around the city centre via Tunnel, Riponne, Bel Air and St. Francois. The section to Renens will be taken over by bus route 17 until conversion to light rail.

As a result of the delivery of five Swisstrolleys in December 2012 (delivery of Swisstrolley 868 shifted to the end of January 2013 after an accident during transport to Lausanne) FBW / Hess standard trolleybuses 732, 733, 741 and 742 were withdrawn along with 765 and 767, which were decommissioned in 2012 because of accident or fire damage respectively. While 732 and 733 went to Retrobus, the other two were used for spare parts and scrapped. No 741 was previously used for traing and practice by the fire brigade. In addition to trolleybuses 721 and 722, which serve primarily as a driving school vehicles, nos. 739 and 740 remain in service from the series of 20 units purchased in 1982. Their withdrawal and that of nos. 743-750 is expected after the commissioning of a further 22 Swisstrolleys that have been ordered. They are expected by summer 2013. The increased fleet of 62 articulated trolleybuses will then displace the standard trolleybuses on routes 25 and 4 and the trolleybus and trailer units on routes 1, 2 and 21. A first use of articulated vehicles is expected on route 4 in the coming months after the Av. de France has been straightened and traffic calming bulges have been removed.
Since the timetable change in December 2012, trolleybus route 3 again operates throughout the day at 10-minute intervals. TL has thus given in to customer demand - under the Plan Reseau 2008, route 3 was due to be closed, but due to objections was then reprieved and operated at 15-minute intervals. Because of high passenger volumes a 10-minute cycle has been offered in the morning and afternoon peaks since the end of 2011. Now that route 3 runs every 10 minutes all day, peak hour augmentation of route 21 has ceased, it now runs throughout the day at 10-minute intervals, and is harmonised with route 3 from the station to the stop at Beaulieu Jomini on a 5-minute frequency.
After delivery of the remaining 22 SwissTrolley4, a total of 62 articulated trolleybuses are available, namely for the operation of the lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 21 and 25. According to current timetable there are 60 runs required in the rush hour. 30 trolleybus and trailer units will remain for routes 7 and 9, and here 27 runs are required in the rush hour. Their replacement is not envisaged until 2018. The last high-floor trailers are being withdrawn this year, of the 13 remaining trailers, which are almost 40 years old, nos.. 951, 965, 967 and 972 have already been withdrawn. When failures occur buses are used. The gas buses procured in recent years are being replaced in the coming years by MAN diesel articulated buses; 17 standard and 33 articulated buses have been ordered from MAN for delivery in 2013/14. Only 13 gas buses will remain in operation after their delivery.
Swisstrolley 837, which was heavily damaged after an accident in the turning loop at Maladière, has been repaired by Hess and re-entered service on 11.02.2013.

Translation: Martin Wright

Trolleybus 744 with a low-floor trailer passes the first phase on Avenue Chailly. Trolleybus 758 in service on route 4 on the France, here the pavement bulges, which prevented the use of articulated vehicles, have been dismantled between the parked cars,.
Photographer : J. Lehmann, 22.04.2013

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