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Salzburg [AT] - Growth in Fleet by Summer 2013

J. Lehmann - 13.05.13

After withdrawal in December 2012 of trolleybuses 205 and 207 (built 1991) and 210 from the same series on 25.07.2012, last two of ten Solaris MetroStyle trolleybuses (328, 330) gained official acceptance on 25.10.2012. The fleet now consists of 100 trolleybuses plus three museum vehicles. The two newest of them (109 and 178) are also to be found in regular service as reserve vehicles or extras in the morning peak. Of the 80 trolleybuses 100 are low-floor vehicles.

Since introduction of the new timetable, 89 trolley buses are needed in the morning peak and 86 trolley buses in the afternoon on the 11 trolleybus routes. 76 trolleybuses are used on routes 1 to 8 and 10 throughout the day. Two runs are added for the route 5 extension to Itzling in the peaks. Route 12 operates in the morning and afternoon with five runs, while route 14 only operates in the morning with vehicles. In the morning, two extras are used.

40 units are equipped with an auxiliary motor, which can be used in the event of diversions and other interruptions. For example the use of trolleybuses with auxiliary motors was needed on routes 2 and 10 at the end of March from Tuesday, 26.03.13 until 28.03.13, as the annual cleaning of the airport underpass was performed. For this purpose one of the two two-lane tubes was closed and single-lane traffic with oncoming traffic was introduced in the other tunnel. The overhead wiring in the area of the tunnel was de-energised, so the trolleybuses had to operate in this area in both directions by means of auxiliary power unit.
During the summer months, four Solaris 18T trolleybuses are expected, these were taken back from La Chaux de Fonds by Solaris in payment for buses. The four articulated trolleybuses then underwent a general overhaul at Solaris, during which the platforms at the rear doors were converted to the Salzburg pattern. One vehicle is already in Ostrava, where the electrical equipment is being checked, but the twin motor drive remains unchanged. Also batteries remain as an auxiliary drive on the vehicle. Once completed, the articulated trolleybuses will come directly to Salzburg from Ostrava and will receive fleet numbers 316-319. Delivery of the 26 Metro style trolleybuses ordered from Solaris will begin from the end of 2013.

A new tower wagon from MAN with a structure by Meingast was delivered on 17.04.2013; it received the fleet number 912. Another tower wagon is expected by the end of the year. These will then replace the tower wagon supplied in1966 Mercedes-Benz, which will remain in service in the meantime with the number of new fleet number 911. Since last year the tower wagon loaned by the Museum in Ferlach (previously Graz 327), which was registered on 31/05/2012 with number plate S-224PW and fleet number 3, has also been used for overhead line work. While the two older vehicles retain the orange livery, the new tower wagon carries the distinctive red of the SLB.
The Graf & Stift/Kiepe trolleybuses, 205 and 207, withdrawn on 19:12:12, left Salzburg on 30.01.2013 for Medias for further use there.
During the summer months this year there will again be special trips on Fridays from 26 July to 30 August 2013 on the √úHIIIs trolleybus No. 123, which has been borrowed from private collectors in England. These will take place between 14:00 and 18:00 on trolleybus route 7 to mark its 30th anniversary of operation. See the following link "more information" for the announcement and timetable
Translation: Martin Wright
Photos: ). After the necessary modifications were made at Solaris, the first of the four Solaris trolleybuses, No. 317, is being tested in Ostrava on the local network (here on 26.04.2013, photographer Pavel Novak). In contrast to earlier (see photo below of trolleybus 141 in La Chaux de Fonds on 23.03.2010) the cowling on the front facade has been removed. Photographer: J. Lehmann.

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