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Krywyy Rih [UA] - Modernisation Is Needed

J. Lehmann - 23.09.13

"The patient is more dead than alive!"-that was the critical opinion expressed in a local newspaper article on 19.06.2013 about the state of the trolleybus fleet. The employees at the depot work tirelessly at night to get vehicles roadworthy for the morning service so that factory workers can get to their jobs. But due to the age of the vehicles, the failure rate is very high and often in the evening there are not enough vehicles. Often workers have to wait for half an hour for their trolleybus to take them back home.
There are around 70 trolleybuses available for the 20 trolleybus routes. Within this total only 13 trolleybuses remain from what was once a group of 31 articulated trolleybuses, and of these only ten are available for service. In addition to three type T1 YMZ articulated trolleybuses from domestic production (the other vehicles out of eleven units were converted to single vehicles) the remaining articulated vehicles were built by TrolZa and were purchased in the period from 1991 in 1996. The average age of the entire fleet is almost 20 years. Since 2002, only 23 YMZ T2 two-axle trolleybuses, two YMZ E186 trolleybuses and six LAZ E183D1 low-floor trolleybuses have been procured, the last two (nos. 670 and 671) were presented by the governor and the mayor of the city in a ceremony on 11:02 .2011.
Now 20 new trolleybuses have been ordered with the help of local industrial enterprises. The order is for MAZ-103 trolleybuses from Belarus, which are completed in Dnepropetrovsk. Two trolleybuses will arrive in the autumn and five more are to arrive by the end of the year, while the remaining 13 will be delivered in 2014.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: In December 2012, the operation was given a ZiU682, no. 572, which is a trolley bus from Odessa, in service there from 1989 to 2011. In 2012 it was given a complete overhaul in Kharkov. It is seen on 10/09/2013 here in service on route 9
Source: Dalnoboyshchik

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