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Khabarovsk/Chabarowsk [RU] - A New Trolza 5275 Trolleybus

J. Lehmann - 26.08.13

Early this year a TrolZa-5275 "Optima" arrived and entered regular service on 05.02.2013. The trolleybus will be procured under the program "Energy saving and energy efficiency in Khabarovsk 2010-2015" and costs 7 million roubles (around € 158,000). It is said to use 30% less energy than the other trolleybuses in the fleet thanks to a new control unit. The trolleybus has a ramp and special seating for people with disabilities. The vehicle is equipped with a battery that allows emergency running of 500 m away from the overhead.
Last year the operator was able to acquire two new tramcars for 14.5 million roubles, using various budgets.
In recent years there have only been a few new purchases for the trolleybus fleet. In 2010/11 three new trolleybuses of the proven type ZiU 682 (No. 237, 238, 239) were added to the fleet. The prototype of the BKM 321 low-floor trolleybus, no. 236, remained the only one. It was acquired but a planned collaboration for partial manufacture did not materialize.
Overall, the fleet consists of nearly 50 trolleybuses, the oldest ZiU 682 is from the year 1987, following the withdrawal in 2012 of no.264, built 1986, and 275 and 278 from 1987. Also between 2003-2011 the four ZiU 683 articulated trolleybuses acquired in 1992/3 were scrapped, so since then the fleet consists exclusively of standard vehicles.
Four routes (routes 1, 3, 4 and 5) continue to be served. Route 1, which opened in 1975, provides a connection from the city centre and the tram network to the airport. This route has a frequent service, the other three routes operate at a lower frequency.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Trolleybus 239, a ZiU-682 procured in 2011 on route 1 on Ulitsa Muravyeva-Amurskogo near the terminus at Komsomolskaya Square on the way back to the airport. Photographer : Oleg Novikov, 04.06.2012.

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