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Orenburg [RU] - Six New Low-floor Trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 10.06.13

On 12.03.2013 there was a presentation and commissioning ceremony for six new VMZ 5298.01 "Avangard" trolleybuses. The six trolleybuses, which received the fleet numbers 270-273, 275 and 276, are the first low-floor trolleybuses in Orenburg. The delivery took place with two units each on 20.11.2012, 10.02.2013 and 21.02.2013. The intention is to buy ten more trolleybuses by the end of the year. The fleet number 274 was already taken by an older trolleybus, namely a BTZ 5276 from the year of 2001. One trolleybus from 2004 and some 682 ZiU built from 1999 and onwards (including 216, 233, 235, 236, 434 and 465) were withdrawn. The number of trolleybuses has dropped to below 90 units.
Six routes continue to operate, some of which operate at high frequency: every five minutes on route 2 and six minutes on routes 7 and 10. All but route 2 are over 10 km long, the journey times are 1hr 14mins to 1hr 40mins.
The trolleybus system opened 60 years ago with the opening of route 1 from the railway station through to the city centre. Due to the establishment of a pedestrian zone, the route was discontinued in 1980.
Translation: Martin Wright

Top: Presentation of six new trolleybuses on 12.03.2013
Bottom: Trolleybus 276 in action on route 2 on 05.05.2013.
Photographer: Dmitry (ZIU,

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