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Tula [RU] - A Varied Fleet

J. Lehmann - 08.07.13

This year the operator has been able to acquire a TrolZa 5275.03 "Optima" trolleybus by means of a co-financing program in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. It has been given the fleet number 8. The vehicle can accommodate 100 passengers, with 27 seats, including seats for passengers with disabilities. A folding ramp serves as an aid to boarding and the trolleybus is also equipped with an automatic sprinkler system. The electrical installation has the latest technology and it is expected that it will save around 30% of energy consumption. It has received the same dark red livery as the BKM 420 Belkommmunmash low-floor trolleybuses acquired in 2012. These were purchased as part of the state program "Achieved environmental protection", the first two of these futuristic cars entered service in September 2012, while four more followed in October and December 2012.

The trolleybuses are equipped with ramps and places for wheelchair users, are fully air-conditioned and, by using battery power, can move 500 meters away from the overhead with a full load. The vehicles are approved for 104 passengers, 29 of them seated. The trolleybuses were given fleet numbers 4, 14, 46, 58, 62, 64, 66, 72, 75 and 79 These numbers were free after withdrawal last year of ZiU 682 trolleybuses (built 1990-92).

The fleet now comprises almost 120 units, almost all are two-axle, but there are still four ZiU 6205.20 articulated trolleybuses with fleet numbers 11, 12, 28 and 55 (built 1996/1997/2000) in use. Numbers 53 and 83, the last ZiU 682, which were purchased in the 90s have now been withdrawn. The LiAZ-5280 trolleybus with 26 units acquired between 2006 and 2010 is now the most common type of trolleybus in the fleet.

At the beginning of 2013, nine trolleybus routes were in operation. On weekdays, 80 trolley buses are in service at peak times, otherwise 69 trolleybuses are in use, while after 7 p.m. there are still 21 on the road. The total length of overhead wiring is 63.9 km, this includes the service links on the Metal Workers ring road and Gromov Street. Since the 16th May 2012, the fare has been13 roubles.

Translation: Martin Wright

Top: TrolZa Optima No.8 in service on route 4 on 18.04.2013. Photographer : Eduard Grachev
Below: No. 4 a BKM 420 acquired last year running on route 1. The recent LiAZ-5280 No. 125 follows on 05.09.2013. Photographer : Sergey Golovizin

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