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trolley:planung - Malatya Introduces First Trolleybus Route

J. Lehmann - 27.05.13

On 25.03.2013 the city of Malatya, which is around 600 km east of the Turkish capital Ankara, published a tender for the first stage of their "Trambüs" project. This involves setting up a trolleybus network, which the Mayor Ahmet Cakir had already presented to the local press on 6.11.2012.
A light rail system was out of the question for Malatya, as this would be profitable only if the traffic volumes reached 15 to 20 thousand passengers per hour. However, four thousand passengers per hour are expected on the busiest routes in this city, which has more than 400,000 residents. The new transport system, which will replace the numerous buses and private minibuses and thus relieve the streets, is to be operated electrically. There are many advantages in using well-developed trolleybus technology, which, in contrast to previous usage, can be used independent of the contact line with auxilliary power. A network of 51 km (single line measurement) is to be established in the coming years. The first route is to the university, located 10 km east of the city centre, served with new double articulated trolleybuses with tram-like bodies.
Offers for the tender were expected as early as 22.04.2013 and the Turkish company Bozankaya submitted a bid. The cost submitted for the 10 vehicles, 20 km overhead line and control, signal and communication technology was 19.8 million euros. Unfortunately, the "Trambüs" project is politically controversial. The opposition doubts the benefits for the city. According to representatives of the opposition party, the new transport system would not achieve traffic calming. It is hoped that the mayor can push through the project. The timing objectives in the tender are ambitious, for example the double articulated trolley buses should be delivered in only a year, according to the tender documents in the daily press.

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Design drawing of the "Trambüs"

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