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Taiyuan Xi�shan Guan-di (Shanxi Province) [CN] - 10 km route to for a coalmine

K. Budach - 20.05.13

There are two trolleybus routes for the workers of the coal mines of XiShan Coal Electricity Group in the west of the city of Taiyuan. These are not connected to each other and are managed by two separate companies. Therefore, the reporting is also in future under the two services Guan-di and Du'rping.

The line, approximately 10 km in total length, traverses a traditional
mining area, sometimes with dramatic landscapes, and includes two road tunnels.
The route starts in Xi'shan at He Lao Wan, where the depot is located. At Guan-di mine there is a short-working facility at the pit-head, but some journeys continue uphill for a further 1.5 km to the administrative block. The line is paralleled by Taiyuan urban bus 7, as far as the pit-head short-working.
In August 2012, the serviceable fleet was found to consist of 8 Beijing-built articulated trolleybuses of various ages, and 8 two-axle vehicles. Of these, three were older Beijing- built vehides, three were Wuhan WG-D61 U, and two were brand-new WG612U carrying a maker's plate from Dongfeng Yangtse Motors (Wuhan) Ltd. These latter vehicles are partially low-floor.

These news were taken from the Trolleybus Magazine No.307, thanks for the permission des Editors. The Trolleybus Magazine is published every two weeks and reports wordwide about trolleybuses.

above: Leaving the longer tunnel a WG612U in direction Taiyuan.
below: An older Beijing-built articulated trolleybuses at the endterminus in front of a administrative block
Photographer: Peter Haseldine and Michael Russell, 13.08.2012

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