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Neuchatel [CH] - Increase in Trolleybus Fleet

J. Lehmann - 01.04.13

TransN has transferred two Swisstrolleys built in 1996 from La Chaux de Fonds to Neuchâtel. While articulated trolleybus 123 is stored without bumper and bonnet in the depot at Marin after an accident at La Chaux de Fonds, trolleybus 125 has entered service with its existing fleet number and in the same livery. Modifications were made, for example adjustments were made, the linecatchers were removed from the rear panels and replaced by ropes as the series 101-121.

This provides one more trolleybus in addition to the 20 Swisstrolleys 131-150. Ten runs are guaranteed in the timetable as low-floor journeys: , five runs on route 1 (out of 13), on routes 2 and 8 two runs (out of 4) and on route 7 three runs ( out of 6).
To avoid double numbering, trolleybus 121 (NAW/Hess, 1991), has been renumbered 621. It is the only trolleybus in yellow / white / black paint scheme that was used temporarily. Prototype vehicle 131 was indeed delivered in this painting, but it was covered with a full advertising in black base color. Swisstrolleys 132-150 received the white / green livery of TRANSN, while the remaining NAW / Hess-articulated trolley buses retained their predominantly yellow livery.

Translation: Martin Wright

Above: Swisstrolley 125 from LaChaux Defonds at its new place of work, here in service on route 8, which isinterlined with route 2.
Below: Trolleybus 121 from the 101-121 series received the unusual fleet number 621. The new Swisstrolleys kept their numbers 131-133, even though the three Solaris trolleybuses in La Chaux de Fonds also carry these numbers.
Photographer : Jürgen Lehmann (25/03/2013)