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Tychy [PL] - All 15 Solaris Trolleybuses Delivered

J. Lehmann - 06.05.13

After delivery of the first of the 15 trolley buses from Solaris / Medcom at the end of December 2012, seven more trolleybuses were delivered by February and put into service. The delivery of the remaining vehicles was started at 19.02.13 and completed by 26.02.13.
The 15 trolleybuses have been given fleet numbers 25-39. Six Solaris came into service between 2002 and 2008 with fleet Nos. 003-007 and 011. The fleet thus consists of 21 low-floor trolleybuses. The high-floor vehicles have mostly been withdrawn, e.g. in 2012 Jelcz 120MT/PNTKM No. 024. Now there are seven of this type in use (No.001, 009, 010, 020-023). In 2013, the Jelcz PR110E/KPNA Nr.017 acquired in 2011 from Gdynia (formerly 3343 built in 1988) has already been withdrawn. Of the ex-Gdynia trolleybuses, 013, 015 and 018 (formerly 3354, 3353, 3342, built 1988-91 ) still remain and Jelcz PR110E/KPNA No.008 and 017, which from 1984 to 1986 was T044 in Warsaw and which carried fleet number 002 until 2013.

The purchase of 15 new vehicles was made possible by the support of the European Union. The contract is worth more than 23 million PLN (approximately € 5.5 million), so the price per vehicle is about 1.5 million PLN (around € 360,000). Of this, 59% is financed by the EU.

The three-door trolleybuses have 28 seats. Opposite the middle door, which is equipped with a wheelchair ramp, there is also a position for wheelchair users. The electrical equipment was supplied by Medcom, auxiliary drive is provided by a battery with energy for a distance of more than 2 km away from the overhead.

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: On one of its first days in regular service, Solaris trolleybus 30 was captured on 03.06.2013 on Ul Wyszyńskiego. Solaris 007 can be seen following in the background, in an earlier blue livery.
Photographer Jacekso

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