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Bologna [IT] - Extension of Route 13 on the Way

J. Lehmann - 15.07.13

An extension of trolleybus route 13 by about 1.1 km to the neighbouring community of Rastignano (Comune di Bologna, Provincia di Bologna, Emilia-Romagna) will be built starting in September 2013. The provincial government gave approval for the project on 19.12.12. It includes the installation of 1,100 meters of overhead line from the previous terminus of route 13 in Bologna, Via Pavese to a new terminus at "Rastignano SFM" which is the local railway station. This is being planned and built by TPER and the financing is from TPER Region. €1.73 million is budgeted for the necessary road works, which include a roundabout for the new terminus, funded by TPER (approximately € 985,000), the Emilia-Romagna region (€ 444,000) and the Comune di Pianoro (300,000 €).
In March 2013, the funding for a compromise in relation to the Civis project was approved. 49 trolleybuses based on the "Crealis Neo" will be supplied instead of the Civis. The 49 "Civis", which did not receive official type approval for their optical guidance system, are to go back to the manufacturer, and instead trolleybuses are to be supplied, based on the Crealis Neo articulated bus. The delivery of the first trolleybuses is expected at the end of 2013, but delivery will last over the next three years. The financial resources will also permit the completion of electrification of bus routes in the neighbouring community of San Lazzaro. Overhead has already been erected in the built up area of San Lazzaro, where tests on the Civis were conducted.

Translation: Martin Wright

Trolleybus 1042 turns out of Via Pavese towards Bologna. In the background is Via Toscana, which leads to the neighbouring community of Rastignano, to which trolleybus route 13 will be extended from 2014. Photographer : Jürgen Lehmann, 02.04.2008

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