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Coimbra [PT] - Service reduction and changes in the fleet

K. Budach - 15.04.13

STMUC introduced further service reductions on 3 January 2013 which also effect both remaining trolleybus routes 4 and 103. Basically some of the early morning and late evening journeys have been cancelled. A total of 6 trolleybuses (3 on each line) provide the service monday-friday, weekend and summer holidays do not see any trolleybus operating. The total turn out of dieselbuses is 106 on a weekday. However, electric traction is especially advantegous in the hilly terrain of the city of Coimbra.

The remaining Caetano/EFACEC trolleybuses are now 27-29 years old and in the need of replacement as well as part of the overhead lines. Trolleybuses nos. 51, 54, 55, 57, 58, 59, 63, 66, 67, 68 and 69 comprise the fleet, with 69 currently under repair. Additionally, no. 62 is stored as source of spare parts. Only one modern vehicle, no. 75 (Solaris Trollino 12 of 2009), is adding to the total fleet. Caetano no.71 which was on loan from Porto since 2003, returned home. The purchase of second-hand vehicles from other trolleybus operators might be an alternative to renew the fleet.

Modern trolleybus Coimbra as it should be: No. 75 negotiating the Railway Station loop. Picture by: Dirk Budach