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Taiyuan [CN] - 24 New DUO Buses

J. Lehmann - 18.03.13

On 13/12/12 Yangtze River Motor Company delivered 24 new type WG6120DHA trolleybuses. These are fitted with a new battery storage, with which 16 km can be travelled off-wire. In addition, for the first time these trolley buses have air conditioning. The vehicles were ordered following a tender in May 2012, under which a total of 600 buses are to be procured. Three different manufacturers are each now supplying 192 gas buses. According to their website , the bus fleet of Taiyuan Public Transport Holdings Ltd comprises a total 2011 buses, with which 130 lines are operated.

Of the five trolleybus routes (101-105) route 105 has resumed trolleybus operation from 30.12.2012. The route had operated with diesel buses since May 2010 because of road works. About 1.3 km of overhead line and two bus stops had to be renewed at the western terminus.

The trolleybus routes operate at high frequency, for example route 101 runs at up to 4-minute intervals with a journey time of 62 minutes. Route 102 also runs up to 4-minute frequency with a journey time of 77 minutes, route 103 every 3-minutes with 75 minute journey time, route 104 has up to 8-minute intervals with a 58 minute journey time and route 105 up to 6-minute intervals and a 80 minute journey time.

The trolleybus fleet consists of about 120 trolley buses, the last new procurement was in 2008 of 50 low-floor trolleybuses of the Wuhan WG-D66U model, the remaining fleet consists of the Chongqing HDClone D65A from 2004, the Wuhan WG-D61U dating from1999 and 2002 as well as the Shanghai SK5105GP trolleybus acquired in 1999.

Translation: Martin Wright

Press photo of the new trolleybuses being delivered at the beginning of December 2012.

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