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Montevideo [UY] - The survivor

K. Budach - 25.03.13

The surviving trolleybus no. 29 of the former electric operation in the Uruguayan cpaital city of Montevideo had been saved by some enthusiasts for several years already and is currently undergoing major repairs. Trolleybus 29 is a Alfa Romeo/Pistoiesi/Ansaldo-San Giorgio built 52 years ago, it is 11,1 m long, 2,5 m wide and offers space for 79 passengers, thereof 29 seated. It has a 107 kW motor of Ansaldo-San Giorgio.

Montevideo had once an extensive trolleybus system - the last three lines closed in 1992. The fleet comprised mainly vehicles of Italian origine.

Trolleybus 29 in its current stage of restoration. Picture by: Esteban Martínez