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Aachen [DE] - Setback to Plans for Clean Urban Transport

J. Lehmann - 11.03.13

The city now has to look for new solutions: "There will be no rail service in the next 20 years" said Mayor Marcel Philipp (CDU), disappointed by the clear defeat at the local referendum. So the search is now on for an innovative connection from the new campus to the city centre because the existing bus service is overloaded and the city has to cut pollution.
Of the approximately 43% of the citizens of Aachen who went to vote, 66.3 percent voted against the 240 million Euro project, which the city council had launched in December 2012 (see release dated 12/31/12 ).
To complement the two rail lines the plan was to use battery buses charging under trolleybus overhead. Will this now be the main solution using extra bus lanes as a precursor to a future new light rail project?

Translation: Martin Wright

Even in the old days the trolleybus only played a complementary role, while the tram carried the main transport load. Trolleybus route 51ran from Aachen via W├╝rselen to Alsdorf and Baesweiler, and offered a direct connection from there to Aachen. The tram only reached Alsdorf with detours through Haaren and Mariadorf or through Eschweiler. Alsdorf received municipal status in 1950, but since the beginning of the 19th Century it belonged to the administrative district of Aachen and grew through mining (Anna Mine of Eschweiler Mining Association, coal production until 1983). The 40-year old photograph records articulated trolleybus 29 on the way to Aachen.
Photo courtesy: Michael Russell, 11.03.1973

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