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Bratislava [SK] - Tender Repeated

J. Lehmann - 11.03.13

The tender published on 06.11.2012 received only one offer, that from SOR / Skoda Electric. SOR is currently the only company offering 18.75 m long articulated trolleybuses with five doors and standard trolleybuses with four doors. For EU funding there is an emphasis on open competition with multiple offers and the EU sees no reason that the tender specifically requires vehicles with five-doors.
The tender, which provides for the delivery of 15 new solo trolleybuses with APU and 15 without APU and 50 articulated trolleybuses , is funded by the European Union under the Operational Transport Programme.
On 25.02.2013 the Mayor and the Minister of Transport announced that the tender is to be repeated. The conditions are to be changed so that more than one company can make a bid for the 70 million Euro contract. Also the condition that the vehicle should already have been approved in Slovakia has been weakened. So far, only two manufacturers, SOR and Irisbus have been approved.

Translation: Martin Wright

With the new acquisitions, operation of articulated vehicles can be extended and the Skoda 15Tr trolleybuses (now over 21 years old) will be replaced such as 6610 in service on route 201 on 10/05/2012. Because of poor road conditions after the winter some Skoda 15Tr have already suffered frame breaks, so that standard trolleybuses and diesel articulated buses have had to help out
Photographer : Еvgeniy Dolgopolov

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