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Luzern [CH] - Contract for Double Articulated Trolleybuses Awarded

J. Lehmann - 11.03.13

On 08.03.2013 the VBL announced its decision on the contract for the nine double articulated trolleybuses. Carosserie Hess has been awarded the contract. From mid 2014 the LighTram with its tram-like front will give a modern image to the transport system and all nine vehicles will be in service by December 2014.

There were two responses to the tender issued on 20.10.2012. Vehicles from Van Hool und Hess were tested in December. The evaluation of the offers followed prescribed criteria. Among other decisive factors was that the LighTram from Hess can carry 207 passengers, while the ExquiCity from Van Hool can hold 192 passengers. The contract value totals 12.75 million CHF, equalling 10.3 million Euros, thus the unit price is 1.15 million Euros.

When construction of the route to Büttenen began, the VBL invited residents to a neighbour's information session on 21.02.2013 in the school house in Büttenen . The necessary road works on the Kreuzbuchstrasse were included. For example the road is being widened from 5.50m to 6.50 m. between Giselistrasse to the turn into Oberseeburg. On the other hand on Oberseeburg near to the cross street Oberseeburgrain, a traffic signal is planned so that the trolley buses can pass through a bottleneck. Moreover a transformer building is being constructed in the vicinity of Giselistrasse for the installation the new Giseli rectifier station. Following the road works the mast foundations will be laid, the poles will be erected in the summer and the overhead will be erected by autumn 2013. A few weeks before commencemen,t test and training runs will be made, so that route 6 to Büttenen can commence at the time of the timetable change on 15.12.2013.

Translation: Martin Wright

Top: Photomontage with the new double articulated trolleybus on the Seebrücke
Bottom: The trailer units on route will be replaced by the new LighTram in 2014. Here trolleybus 272 and its trailer crosses the Seebrücke.
Sources: Company photo and J.Lehmann (22.05.2000)

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