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Mendoza [AR] - First new trolleybuses in years!

K. Budach - 11.03.13

A prototype of a new generation of trolleybuses has been revealed in the city of Mendoza at the traditional, annual grape harvest festival on 1 March 2013. Completely designed and built in Argentina it is the first of a serie of new vehicles which will gradually replace the current fleet of Canadian Flyer ex Vancouver over the next few years. Depending on the public funds available, the new trolleybuses will be supplied at a rate of 8 to 10 per year. Cost per vehicle is approx. USD 210.000.
The project to develop and to construct the first Argentine-built trolleybus in decades has been only made possible by the continuous support of the provincial government as the responsible public authority for trolleybus operation in the city. Both governor Dr Francisco Pérez and the Secretary of Transport Dr Diego Martínez Palau played a crucial role in the project, both are strongly committed to improve public transport by means of electric traction, they also paved the way to introduce the new light rail system Metrotranvía which started revenue service in 2012.
Dr Francisco Losada, General Manager of the operator Empresa Provincial de Transporte de Mendoza (EPTM), provided some detail about the new vehicle: It is entirely low-floor with a total length of 12 metres, equipped with aire conditioning & heating system, air suspension, three-phase asynchronous motor and IGBT equipment supplied by Siemens Argentina. The nominal power is 120 kW. The coach is built by the Argentine firm Materfer. Total capacity is 87 passengers, thereof 37 seated.
Test run have already started, and revenue service may be taken up in a few weeks time only. The vehicle should also be attractive for the other two Argentine operators Córdoba and Rosario as well as for other trolleybus operators outside the country.

Photo: Mendoza’s new trolleybus. Picture by: Los Andes / Orlando Pelichott / Provincia de Mendoza

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